Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Where the hell is Spleen?

SuHang got the Sims2 torrent, and now I'm also trying to torrent it to see guys getting abducted by aliens and getting traumatized and pregnant with an alien kiddo.

And a taste of what Michelle and I do in Jap class.

S: You're my BEST FRIEND :D -thwack-
M: Yeah! You're my BEST FRIEND :D -thwack-
S: You are a BAKA! :D -punch-
M: You are a BAKA TOO! :D -punch-

Yeah, we start randomly punching and whacking and zonking each other. That time I was trying to stop Michelle from zonking me(again) and sensei thought that we were wrestling.

Gonna go mug now. Tmrw is bio test and Friday is Chinese D:

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