Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I got a LOLcat on my chinese worksheet

I have ended up...

1) Browsing through online cosplay shops and wondering where they are based while swearing at the hefty price tags

2) Beating Touhou Mountain of Faith with Marisa B

3) Wondering when are we gonna start playing with fire in the chem lab

4) Deciding to invest in sour skittles to keep me awake during lessons

5) Becoming year6 Kenneth(aka Uke senpai) and Ting's protector against Claire

6) Understanding physics

7) Reading geek jokes

8) Wanting that '403 Forbidden' geek underwear

9) Working on the pic that has not been completed since 2 weeks ago

10) Randomly deciding to blog :D

Monday, 19 January 2009

The last time I blogged was ages ago..

I'm not on a high now although cheMagic has won 3rd in Science Buskers Fest. It was so wearing even though I wasn't directly involved with the performance and busking and all, but it was still tiring. (and also for the teachers and lab techs and whoever that came to support us, many thanks) After the after-party of sorts at Bugis life returned to its usual routine except that I was more tired. Like..

Me: Hey! We got 3rd for SBF :D

Sat, 6pm
Me: Damn I wanna sleep -.-

Sat, 11pm
Me: I've finished chem and now I shall sleep -sleeps-

Sunday, 1pm
Me: I'm still tired, I shall sleep somemore -sleeps and snores-

Sunday, 9pm
Me: Shit I did not finish my english journal due tmrw ._.

You get the drift.

Anyway I am continuing with Jap this year, its harder and I really need to revise my plain form. (MICHELLE YOU BAKA)

I need the willpower to study my chinese as well.

Back to studying.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Few more EOY pics

From Amanda[aka Camerawoman]

We see Lenalee using a handphone instead of a golem. And I see Timo, myself, and 2 other random cosplayers in the background.

Camerawoman!Haruhi preparing to spam you with photos of indecently dressed Mikurus

I.Seriously.Can't.Stop.Laughing XDXDXD

Drinking iPods.

And I would like you to explain whatever the hell this is:

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Dad! :D


Sunday, 14 December 2008


Off for class chalet until the 18th.

So now Im on hiatus.

Actually I don't update that often that this is counted as a hiatus.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

EOY '08

EOY wasn't as fun as the last con(AFA), but still it there were people cosplaying, so here we go.

Not as many pics as the last time cos we left half way, but still, download times kill you.

This time the gang consisted of me as Haruhi Suzumiya in proper cosplay, Joanne as Lenalee, and Amanda as camerawoman, with random Timothy and Ian, together with Ulysses and Nyx as Kaname random night class vampire and Yuki + random seniors joining us later in the con.

We start off with Suigintou, from Rozen Maiden, whose pic I got at the 7-11 at expo mrt while waiting for the rest to arrive.

Now the gang! Amanda the camerawoman!

Timo >.>

And Lenalee :D


Knight of 7: Kururugi Suzaku! :D

A familiar face! Its the Sasuke we met from the last con, AFA.

Another familiar face! Its Kanda from the last con as well.

And L :D

Then we went to eat at Subway (gah, ex DX) and we started talking about Lenalee serving coffee to the lot of people working under Komui.

That was when Ian joined us.

To keep to cannon, Lenalee asked Coffee Club if she could borrow a tray and some cups XD

But all we got was a cup. Nevertheless..

Lenalee vs coffee cup is close enough XD

Anyway, CUTE :D:D:D

Then the pink dolphin made an enterance.

Ok, some Code Geass cosplays. First up, Kallen!

Nextly, C.C. and R2 Lelouch!!! :D

I have to say that Lelouch's R2 Zero outfit is alot less gay than the spandex suit in the first season.

Anyway, season 1 C.C. and Cheese-kun! There was a giant one somewhere, but no photos taken of it ):

Lenalee + fail!tray.

I cannot take the dolphin seriously.

Anyway, random seniors and Uly and Nyx.

Cosplays from Vampire Knight!



Hi Anya!


Random seniors

And I leave you with the reading trio.

EOY had less people coming(though Ian said it was more crowded later on in the evening), but probably cos less people knew of the event, unlike AFA. Sad though, cos EOY had the potential to actually draw more people in to the event.

Next con: Matsuri Winter Fest at Fort Canning!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Anime Fest Asia 2008!!! :D [huge and massive picspam!]

Warnings! Overly huge pics due to laziness at editing them, sucky quality, picspam, and lack of funny.


My first con that I went to! :D It was huge, and lots of people went. Me and my friends went on day 2 cos (ting)^2 had pipa exam on Saturday. I went as Haruhi from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi in casual wear, cos my uniform hasn't arrived yet. Joanne went as Lenalee from D.Gray-Man, (ting)^2 went as a random Jap school girl, and Claire went as someone that I don't know from Rosen Maiden.

So I met up with Joanne and (ting)^2 at Vivocity, and lunched at Yoshinoya where Claire came. Then we mrt-ed to City Hall, and took a long trek to Suntec Convention Hall.

Yup, 4 random girls sitting in the train.

2 dudes from Vampire Knight! They looked really awesome :D

Some fangirling services for Joanne.

And fangirling services for me!

I gotta add that Code Geass(to be specific, Lelouch) is my new squishy, along with L from Death Note. :D

Darth Vader lol

And a lot of figurines! The set from Haruhi is not here, cos the quality of the pic sucks, so its not here ):

L!!! :D:D:D

And part of the graffiti wall.

The Gintama group. The guy cosplaying Gintoki looks cool :D

And a random cosplayer, from an anime that I don't know.

Oh, and this group that dressed up as dolls were really pretty. One thing about cons is that when someone asks for a photo, other people take notice and start clicking away as well(applies to me too :P), but its not a big deal, cos people's cosplays are awesome and cool :D

Ouran at your service.

Hey Sasuke! Your looking pretty cool there!

And hello to you too Haruhi!

And this group is from Reborn!, if I am not wrong. They look awesome :D

And we saw Sasuke again :D

And Lenanlee and her brother Komui! And he looks kinda like Komui too!

I say, a Menos! Go Gintoki!

I wonder how did he/she do the Menos mask.

Next, it was the cosplay competition! Originally we were standing behind, and I had to carry Joanne to be able to get some pics, but it was sucky, so I'm gonna skip them. Eventually I squeezed to the front to watch(and get some pics).

Although the pics are sucky, I'm gonna spam you with Code Geass!!! :D:D:D


Lelouch!!(Shut up! I am allowed to fangirl to my hearts content!)

Lol, and this group was doing Ultraman XD It was funny though.

And another Code Geass group, this time with Lelouch(!!) and Rollo. The guy in the mecha suit is awesome, though it was tough for him to get up the stairs XD

And also trouble getting off the stage XD Cool costume though! I never thought that people would be coming in such a outfit.

Halfway through, I went out of the hall to take a breather and to grab a drink with Claire. And returned to see the groups lining up on stage.

Btw, there be CC, Lelouch, Suzaku and Cheese-kun!

And they won the best team performance, if I'm not wrong. And look, its Pizza Hut :D

Cheese-kun looks cute :D

And people were cheering for this guy, although I don't know who he is. Looks familiar though, can someone enlighten me?

Lol Rollo :D

Another random cosplayer from a anime that I dont know.

Hey Kanda :D

DON IS WIN :D:D:D (Yikes, my pose looks wonky :/)


And CC. She looks pretty, and her expression suits her well :D

Naruto! And Kiba! And Kiba's dog!

Hey Konata! One of these days I want to cosplay Lucky Star as well.

Lol, and one of the seniors from our school whom we met :D

After that I had to run home for dinner. Then I FINALLY FOUND THE GUY THAT I WAS LOOKING FOR :D:D:D

Lelouch as Zero!!! :D:D:D

Next time, I need to take note of afew things before going to cons.

#1 Bring a waterbottle. There are no food stalls in con halls, so I gotta bring my own water, cos I sure as hell don't want to spend the money I saved for cons on drinks. And its always handy to bring water around anyway.
#2 Bring a camera/cameraman. Come to think about it, Huiwen, do you wanna come with us next time for photos? :D
#3 Work on my posing. As Haruhi I need to look more energetic and outstanding, which kinda failed today.

Next con: EOY at Expo on 13th Dec! :D

edit// NOOOO WTH! THE PICS GOT CUT OFF D: Looks like im gonna have to resize and edit it again D:

-takes a deep breath and opens up photoshop-