Monday, 4 August 2008

Cartman gets an anal probe

South Park = you get to see people whose boobs are so long they trail onto the floor(namely, the sex ed teacher)

Celebrated all the August people's birthdays in class. Then we got a telling off by our mentor for bringing food up to class. I was wondering what we wrong with sneaking a squished packet of gummy bears to class until she told us that apparently someone da pao-ed chicken rice from the canteen to eat in class?! Well she did say that no food in our classroom, so that still means that I can buy fries/wedges and nuggets and da pao and bring to next door 206 classroom for lunch. Best thing is that we may even catch a screening of Spongebob Squarepants or South Park, thanks to Timo.

Teacher is still as random as an observation of Brownian Motion. In other words, nothing changed. :/

Cream of shitake mushroom(ok, so its not shitake but who cares) is super nice :D Shared with Joanne for a snack :D

Phyz test result out. I'm ok, but damn I make like 2 FREAKING CARELESS mistakes that could have salvaged 4 marks to add to my total score(dammit D:) But at least I am so much better than last sem were I got totally not epic fail scores.

After Lunch;
Supposedly geog meeting, but we just needed to search a bunch of stuff and thats it. Tricia and SuHang went off to get their copy of Breaking Dawn, so I stayed back in school library to catch up on homework with Joanne and Amanda. And then Amanda had band prac(she's playing cymbals thats like half her size XD) so I took the vacated seat and instead of focusing on chinese, I was surfing about LHC and youtubing. Then I and Joanne watched South Park and after that I crammed a couple more lines to my chinese sui bi and went home.

LHC activation this Thurs/Fri! End of the world? Maybe. Higg's Particle? Probably. New era of science? Definitely :D

And YS said something about solar eclipse next year, around Jan 29(Thurs) from 4-6pm. If thats the case I would like to stay back in school to watch it :D

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