Friday, 1 August 2008

Blogging requested

Talking to Mel on msn, and she asked me to blog, so yeah I will blog.

Minor update on life: Today we had 2.4km Beach Run. Most of us ended up half-dead after that. And I was hungry after the event.

Noooo Fibo got last for mascot competition D:

More random(and interesting) update:

I suddenly feel like cutting my hair. Its very long, until my belly button, and its nice, especially in the mornings when I just wake up it looks nice and wavy. But other than it looking nice, it does have down sides to it too, like my elbow trapping my hair when I wake up in the mornings, or when I lower my head my hair lobs itself over my shoulders and attempts to strangle me.

The problem is that, I dont know what hairstyle to cut my hair into!(And I dont trust Mel's scissor-wielding skills).

But theres a super nice hairstyle from the Sims2 and I like it! Its on my list of hairstyles :D (all pics ripped off sea-serpent's livejournal)

NICE RIGHT?! And when its black it is a definite win! :D (No way I'm going to school with pink hair). Though Mel suggested getting a headband too, but they dont suit me.

But nevermind, that hairdo is sexy :D

And another gorgeous hairstyle Mel showed me :D

Yikes, it became pixlellated.

I wonder what the hairdresser is gonna say when I show the pics to him/her and tell them to cut my hair like that.

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