Thursday, 3 July 2008

Procrastinaters unite! Eh tomorrow

I am terribly lazy and I havent updated for a long time. Lets see;

1) Chem teacher still sucks. He was veerrrrry veerrrrrrry veeeerrrrrry slooooowwwww. Annddd isss stiilll onn theee freaaakkking toppiiccccc onnn Hsienberrrrrgggggg wheeennnn Mrrr Muraliiiii issss alreaaaddddyyy teelllingg peoppplllleeee tooo gooo finnndddd ouuutttt mooorrreeee aboooouuuutttt Schrodinnnngggggeeeerrrr's experimmeennnnttt onnn killllingg caaaatttts(or as what ShaoXiong calls it, animal abuse)

2)On Monday, ShaoXiong interrupted the entire class by sneezing like an elephant every minute or so. It was funny that they are so disruptive XD

3) Played badminton like crazy in the afternoon while waiting for Jap to start. The result is a severely painfully and shaking right arm for the next 2days. I couldnt even write properly cos my hand was shaking like crazy.

4)Jap teacher was ok. It turns out that her English name was added cos she is a Christian. And she lives in Serangoon Gardens and its freaky that she lives so near me o.o And I found out that HuiKang lives in AMK, with is pretty near me , and William freaking lives in Bishan, which is even nearer!

5)Wednesday, had a cyber wellness talk. Featured is WoW, Dota, Maplestory, MrYanDao and others that I cant think of right now. During the survey that was given, YuJia said that it wasnt very interesting cos it isnt relevant to her. Well it certainly is relevant to me!

6)NLB FINALLY FREAKING REPLIED!!! Now we can carry on with CmPS!!!

7) Today, had Bio elective on Food Science. To start off, we cooked instant noddles in different ways. I and HuiWen ate most of the stuff we cooked and we were really full. This is kinda like home econs, and I suck at cooking, but I heard that we are going to make ice-cream and cheese somewhere in the future :D And we are taking home an assignment, which is on cooking again.

Life is back again

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