Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Back to School

I already reached 100+ posts. Yay me.

Anyway, school started. Screwy timetable, screwy teachers(not all though thankfully) ): Awesome.

First Day;

Mentor changed, cos Mr Loke left and transfered to another school(if I'm not wrong). New mentor is Ms Grace Tan(or rather Mrs Chui). Dont have much of an opinion of her yet, cos we only met her quite briefly in class during mentoring.

Chem teacher is one of the new teachers that just joined our school. But dear god, terrible at explaining. I want Ms Koh, she's awesome. And Mr Tan left our school too, so the love is gone too D: WHERE IS THE LOVE?!! D:

Phyz, same old same old.

After that, class ended at 11am, so we camped out at the library(first day back, and we are already at the library, geez) to finish up the little homework that we were given.


Chinese first. Same as always again. :/ Can we have a better change of teachers?!

English. Sleepable. Yawn.

Geog lightened me up alittle. It's Ms Candice Chua this time, she's pretty nice. And she gave us sweets too. I suppose the Chuas tend to find stuff fallen from the sky and give them all to students.

There isn't Jap or chem elective today, so lazed around the library again until 1pm. And I was egoing about the fact that I beat YanSheng in GC tetris :D

Ending off with a song,

Fairyland - Angelzoom

Edit: hey, at 1.52s the witch person looks like Snape o.o

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