Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Epic? Not yet

Doing the online quiz for Computer Science right now on Espace. Its super annoying that whenever I type a sentence, or select the options, the screen refreshes itself. Damn annoying especially when I'm am typing out the properties of yellowLbl1 rawr.

Eh, whats a pseudocode?

And I have finished and got a pretty good mark. I missed out only 1 of the options in Q7, but I dont think that it will be too huge a difference.

And kitchen chem is fun! We had to chop up half a slice of ham and boil it to get the NaCl out, and then titrate it with AgNO3. While boiling the ham, there was a smell of cooked(and burnt) ham in the chem lab, and various popping sounds from the beaker. It was kinda scary that the beaker looked like it was gonna explode in your face.

And I need to get started on Bio elective assignment :P

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