Saturday, 14 June 2008

Overdue Quizzes

But heck :/

Tagged by SuHang. And finally her blog is alive and happily kicking(detachable)balls.

#1) Tricia
#2) (Ting)^2
#3) Joanne
#4) SuHang
#5) YanSheng
#6) HuiWen
#7) Ulysses
#8) WeiRen
#9) Mel
#10) SuChang
#11) Kiona
#12) Nicole
#13) Geraldine
#14) HuiShi
#15) MichelleMAK
#16) MichelleLIM
#17) Charmaine
#18) Meifang
#19) Timothy
#20) Ewin

01.How did you meet #14 [HuiShi]?
School lor, in class all the girls always close knit

02. What would you do if you didnt meet #1 [Tricia]?
I would be screaming in friendshipping agony, cos I realized that both of our wavelengths are pretty close (and she can totally keep up with my lengthy talks about gaming really well lol)

03. What if #9 [Mel] and #20 [Ewin] dated?
Screw that, they never met

04. Describe #3 [Joanne].
What can I say? Shes very lucky to have met YS.

05. Is #8 [WeiRen] attractive?
WHUT IS THAT. That dude is gay!!! He only attracts all the gay guys in our school!!!

06. Describe #7 [Ulysses].
He's a funny idiot and boyfriend of SuHang

07. Know of any of #12's [Nicole] family members?

08. What will you do if #18 [Meifang] confesses that he/she likes you?
That will be out of the question. She is 100% straight I swear

09. What language does #15 [MichelleMAK] speak?
I hear her converse Jap with me the most

10. Who is #9 [Mel] going out with?
OHO!!! :D :D :D

11. How old is #16 [MichelleLIM]?

12. When is the last time you spoke to #13 [Geraldine]?
On Thursday at class chalet

13. Who is #2's [(Ting^2] favourite band/singer?
This is so obvious, as long as there is a piece of Keita Tachibana's hot ass voice involved, she loves it(and Keita's the lead singer in w-inds)

14. You ever date #4 [SuHang]?
Nah, we are straight, and she already has Ulysses

15. Would you ever date #1 [Tricia]?
Nah, we are straight. Anyway we got to give her a relationship break

16. Is #19 [Timothy] single?
No, he is attached to his laptop

17. What's #10 [SuChang] last name?
Simply just 'Chang'

18. Would you ever be in a relationship with #11 [Kiona]?
Nah, we are straight and I would rather be in a relationship with L

19. School of #3 [Joanne]?
NUS High School of Cheemology and More Cheemology

20. Where does #6 [HuiWen] live?
Hmm, she did mention it once, cant remember but I think its Woodlands?

21. Whats your favourite thing about #5 [YanSheng]?
His brain. When he dies I would like to preserve it and take a closer look at his brain cells.

Tagged by SuHang again

Q1: Do you like your present school?
As a whole, a big definite yes :D

Q2: What do you want the most now?
Thats hard, maybe I shall be selfish for a while and ask for Tomb Raider: Underworld to be released faster

Q3: Who is the closest person to you in your school?
It isn't a person, its a group of crazy people :d

Q4: Do you hate your friends sometimes?
Sometimes yes, but I always seem to forgive them no matter how idiotic they are

Q5: Are you afraid of death?
I am afraid of death if it comes soon, and no when it comes later. Much later

Q6: What is your goal this year?
To be able to concentrate more in my studies and try and get a CAP of 4.1 while improving in my gaming skills

Q7: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Sigh, yes, though I doubt that it will happen

Q8: Do you believe in eternal love?
I will sigh again, and say yes again, though again I doubt that it will happen

Q9: Do you think boyfriends are a necessity?

Q10: What do you enjoy doing the most?
Gaming :D

Q11a: Have you ever done anything for your admirer?
I admire alot of people, but I dont think I did anything for them

Q11b: Have you ever done anything for your admiree?
I wonder who admires me when there is nothing to be admired about me?

Q12: What feeling do you hate most?
Being utterly utterly left out

Q13: Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
I guess so

[Edit]Q16: Whatever happened to question 14 and 15?
I have no idea o.o

Q17: What do you live for?
I dunno, to be able to help others?

Q18: Who do you talk most to in school?
The family tree! And we dont just talk, we crap!

Q19: What book are you currently reading?
Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I really like his style of writing.

Q20: Imagine... that you are the driver of a train and you see 70 people on the railroad before you. If you just let the train go ahead, it would most certainly squish the 70 to death. You can turn onto another track, but the upshot of that is that you would kill 7. Do you switch tracks?
Can I just stop, and save the lives of all of them?

Oh and Trish sent me a new song, Labels or Love by Fergie. And in reference to Q9 up there, I would say no, cos who needs boyfriends when you got clothes!(and games!). But money is a problem, so I guess we just need to snag a rich dude, grab all his banks bursting with money, and then divorce him, and then continue the cycle! Then we would have a steady stream of money forever!!!

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