Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I was blur and thought that it was yesterday lol.

So Happy Father's Day to my own Dad! :D

But lets not forget the other Dads in the world too, so Happy Father's Day too! :D

And single(and unmarried) guys DO NOT COUNT cos they have not understood the meaning of being a father yet. SO GO AND BE A MAN AND DO THE RIGHT THING M'KAY?! (You ought to know what 'the right thing' refers to Y/N? >:D)

And YS doesnt count in the above category cos you already have like what, 6 of us daughters already. (And I still remember that on Joanne's birthday he suddenly turned up in the morning and retardedly said 'Happy Mother's Day' instead of 'Happy Birthday')

And go figure, there are so many ways to say 'Dad'

1) Father
2) Dad (makes the title of father sound so much cooler)
3) Daddy (sounds cheesy :/)
4) Papa
5) Daddeh (looks weird o.o)
6) Lao Ba (lol)
7) Die (you see this in Chinese drama serials all the time)
8) Otoosan (haha, quick jap lesson)
9) Chichi (another way of saying Dad in jap)
10) Père (correct me if I am wrong, those who learn French)

Haha, I found the French word on some website when I was googling French.

And a daily dose of stupid, this time involving Razor Ramen Hard Gay XD


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