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M08207 Class Chalet! :D

Lets start with the epicness :D I can't remember everything cos during that time I was super tired, but lets see what I can remember.

Warnings: PG-13, super damn long, lacking sense of humour, lots of incorrect sources due to bad memory, and damn, no pics cos USB cable for phone sucks D:

Day1 afternoon to night[3pm-12midnight]

So mrted to Pasir Ris mrt. Some people were sick or arriving later, but nevertheless the bulky bags and bbq items sent some eyes staring at us. We filled up one whole bus.

And we bused to Downtown East. And when we got off we were alittle confused. There was the sign in Downtown East that said 'Costa Sands' and the street sign that pointed in the opposite direction that also said 'Costa Sands'. We stalled for a while and took a lucky guess and went to the Costa Sands at downtown. That proves how smart we are: even we can get lost :D

Stalled at the lobby cos we need to wait for Daniel, his bro, his Mom, and Charmaine's mom to arrive. The chalet was under Charmaine's mom's name.

But when we got into the room, we were like 'omfg-we-cant-put-all-our-stuff-on-the-floor-or-bed-or-no-more- place-to-sleep-dammit'. We managed to compress all the bags into the closet or stuffing them in the corners. At that moment, I noticed that Kiona had brought her PS2 and Daniel brought his Xbox(along with a ton of games from the boys), and inwardly I was whooping for joy :D

The guys went to get started with the fire for the bbq. They took like 1hr to get the fire started, and the fire wasnt those big roaring fires you would imagine, the heat was only enough to make the charcoal glow with small flames licking it. The guys then started cooking, with the help from Daniel's mom. They cooked half the food we brought and let us girls eat first(and asking the other guys who were mooching around to taste test :P) :D Guys can be nice sometimes(haha thanks dudes :D)

Bbqed until around 8 or 9pm. It was suggested that we start the night with a round of games on the PS2, and then crowding around the tiny tv(at least it was flat screen :/), we tried to connect the coloured wires to the bottom of the tv. Spent around 30min twisting and turning our hands to fit our hands between the crack and matching the colours. At the end, the thing didnt freaking work, but we found another set of coloured plugs by the side of the tv. Used that instead, and the PS2 was raring to go! Whoots!!! :D

We played Burnout. ShaoHao, William, JonLee(and JonWee too I think), me and SuHang took turns on the controller at first, cos ShaoHao said that multiplayer sucks, and that the tiny tv screen wont help either. But nevertheless we switched to multiplayer later. I think I pwned someone, cant remember who, but I can remember that ShaoHao crashed 20+ cars. Well he pwns us all noobs :P

Plugged out the PS2 all around 11pm to play Dare or Dare. Got high on the stupid dares. There was a little hesitating though, after all no one likes to do stupid dares and end up looking like morons. It was fun though :D

Day2 morning to afternoon [12midnight-5pm]

We ended at around 12am and plugged the Dvd player back into the tv and watched some movies. Others who were tired knocked out, the others watched the movies. Watched alittle of Hoodwinked first, but it wasnt very interesting so we switched it with Da Vinci Code. After that, viewer count drastically went down as more people fell asleep and others played cards and stuff. At the end Zhao Siu and me were the ones watching and stifling yawns. Then after finishing the Da Vinci Code, Zhao Siu was tired, so I was the only one left watching Death Note 2(and squealing over L but damn he is handsome). After that, I joined William, HuiKang and SuHang as they played Bridge. Then JonLee woke up and helped me, the noobiest person in Bridge, win. :D (Is that counted as beginners luck?)

Some of the other people who were previously asleep, woke up and then when to the beach at the park to wait for the sunrise at 3am XD

I, HuiKang, William and SuHang played Bridge until about 4am. Then we settled down to watch Hoodwinked(again). Halfway through, we found ShaoHao and YuanHan and afew of the girls crowding around the water cooler for hot water. The girls were making milo, while the guys were holding cup noodles. Then I felt hungry, and my cramps were acting up again, so I and SuHang paid a visit to Cheers at that unearthly hour and grabbed cup noodles for ourselves, JonLee and William. Then we settled around the tv and finished watching Hoodwinked.

Finished watching at around 6am. Then me and SuHang joined the rest of the class at the beach, leaving JonLee and William behind at the chalet, and played around in the water. The guys were playing with the stones.

Around 8am we returned to the chalet. Most of the people slept to make up for the night(rather this very very very early morning). Some of the guys played Halo on the Xbox. I watched William, Edwin and JonLee play for a while, then I suddenly felt very sleepy and slept from 8.45am until 9.45am in the middle of the bed. By the time I woke up the guys were playing Dungeons and Dragons. Someone(can't remember who) asked if I had a good sleep. Well not really, when I woke up I realized that I had been sleeping in the middle of a bed full of guys, and one of them had rolled off the bed or something.

In a zombiefied state, most of the people actually managed to wake up. I and SuHang originally wanted to walk around and look for something to lunch on, but we decided that we werent very hungry and so I bought ice cream instead. The guys went to arcade. I and the girls stayed in the chalet. I popped the game Constantine into the Xbox and started playing. (And decided that my skills using the Xbox controller to aim at enemies sucks, I'm more used to using mouse :/) Then I got frustrated with Constantine. I got stuck on looking at the stupid symbol on the wall while looking for the workshop. So we switched the Xbox with the PS2 and played multiplayer Bomberman with the girls. The game is so cute :D After that we tried multiplayer go carting. It was cute too, but the controls were weird, and JonLee could not make his character accelerate for some reason.

We switched the game for some funny Nickelodeon game of Kiona's. It involved Danny Phantom(Me), Spongebob Squarepants(ROFL controlled by JonWee), Timmy Turner(controlled by William I think) and Jimmy Neutron(Controlled by JonLee). We were crazy, and on the 2nd level of the game, we were going batshit over some stupid crates and shrunken cars(that Jimmey Neutron shrank) and we were carrying the stupid crates all around the level! Whenever we forgot to take the crate JonLee will tell us to go back and get it. On top of that, we also did stupid stuff like repeatedly watching Spongebob's attack, which was smashing his head against the floor XD And we also made our characters scream and run around in circles XD

Halfway through the PS2 somehow borked up, so we were left with a black screen :/ We quit the game and crapped around with the rest of the people who had returned from arcade. Can't remember much, but I remember it was raining somewhat.

Day2 nighttime [6pm-12midnight]

Watched Final Fantasy VII Advent Children! The graphics were awesome and I was wishing that all the computer games had graphics as fabulous as that(man I will be willing to revamp my entire PC to support the graphics, if I had the money though). Kadaj looked really girly though! If they didnt define his voice I would have thought that he was a girl with a flat chest!(no offense Kadaj fans!) Well what do you know, Kadaj's lot got defeated by Cloud(as always). It seems that the manlier looking guys will always win.

After watching the movie, some of the people took a nap before we invaded the cinema for the midnight movie.

Day3 Midnight to morning [12midnight-8am]

Caught the midnight screening of Kung Fu Panda. It was really cute and funny like all other animated movies! :D Some people fell asleep during the movie XD

Came back to the chalet. As I was giving SuHang a blow by blow account of the movie, ShaoHao passed by and remarked that SuHang didn't need to go watch the movie, cos I can recite every single detail of it.

Lights out, and everybody slept. I slept alittle later cos for some reason I couldnt sleep. While I was awake, I saw that HuiKang had kicked Glen off the bed they were sharing. Then William, who was also awake, tried to wake HuiKang up by flinging his hand around. He didnt stir XD Seems that he got totally knocked out from the last couple of day's events.

I fell asleep, and woke up at around 8am in a daze.

Day 3 morning to afternoon [10am-3pm]

We went bowling :D(expect for William, we are letting him sleep at the chalet) ShaoHao pwns everybody at bowling. There was once where he knocked down all the pins twice in a row, super awesome. I and SuHang left the bowling alley early cos I was tired and I wanted to sleep really badly.

Went back to chalet and knocked out until around 3pm when everyone returned.

Day 3 Afternoon to night [4pm-12midnight]

When I woke up, we played card games for awhile. Then the guys(again) went to prepare for the second bbq when Daniel's mom showed up to help with the cooking. The girls were outside mooching around. And I was bored. I plugged the Xbox in and played Dungeons and Dragons with William and Geraldine, replaced by ZhaoSiu later that night. We zombied in front of the tv until the guys cooked the first batch of food. Like the 1st day, they cooked while the girls feasted. Halfway through, somehow or rather, the oil on the aluminium foil got ignited somehow, and an epic fire started XD By the time the fire was put out, the food on the aluminium(which started out half-cooked) was already ready to eat XD We finished the bbq with a desert of toasted marshmallows :D

After dinner and a quick shower, I, William and ZhaoSiu hogged the Xbox again, this time we were committing suicide for the sake of a noob cheat XD The rest of the class were daring each other to do stuff. Then suddenly HuiKang came up to us and said "You guys must save in 10 seconds". William saved as he was counting down. Then HuiKang shut the Xbox. Then we were sian with playing Dungeons and Dragons, so we joined them and crapped around.

At midnight, everybody played cards in the bbq pit, and I was very tired so I remained in the chalet to sleep.

Day 4 morning to afternoon [!2midnight- 11am]

Meifang woke me up at around 5am so that the whole class can go catch the sunrise. We shuffled to the beach and waited there in a sleepy silence for the sun.

At around 7am, we went back to the chalet and slept again until around 9am. Then we packed up. We found that we had alot of toilet paper left, and HuiKang suggested that we walk around the place giving out free toilet paper. We also realized that we forgot to bbq afew packets of fishballs, so Daniel asked around if anyone wanted the 'balls of a fish'.

At around 11am, I went back home. And slept until around 5pm while thinking that it was still 3pm. :/

HuiShi, Meifang, Kiona, Glen, ShaoHao, SohJie - Thanks for buying all the stuff :D
HuiKang - Thanks for holding all the toliet paper XD
Guys + Daniel's bro and mom - Thanks for starting the bbq fire, and letting us eat first while you guys sweated it out over the food[proof of manliness XD]
Kiona - Thanks for the PS2 and games :D
ShaoHao - Thanks for the Ps2 games(Burnout and God of War, even though it was pirated lol), and for helping us get the tickets for the movie and booking the bowling alley
Daniel, SohJie(and Edwin too I think) - Thanks for the Xbox and the games! :D
HuiShi, Meifang, Michelle - Thanks for the preparation for the Dare on Dare and the cards :D
WHOLE CLASS - Thanks for turning up for the chalet :D

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