Friday, 16 May 2008

More emoing D:

If (ting)^2 is a road sweeper, and SuHang is unemployed, then what am I?

I'm a worker who got sacked over and over again -_-

ALAS! I GOT A CAP OF 3.98!!!



Ok, even if Huiwen's analogy of this and constipation is screwed, but there is some truth behind it.

And Huiwen! You got a CAP of 4.02!! How can you do this to me!!! I'm your secretary!!!!

And CO people are freaky, like this Angela person got 5.00!!!(and all the others like YS, QC, Greg, ting squared, SuChang etc)

Argh, and all I got for the 2 bio modules were B+s ): But I did MUCH better for lit, and I got a B+ compared to B- from last year. And man I got a A- for Jap, compared to A from last year. ): And thankfully I got a nice A for Maths :D In the comments Mr Lee said that I am brilliant in mathematics, brilliant my foot.

And Mr Loke wrote in the comments about my behavior in school:

"Yuet Huey possesses a fine intellect and a maturity beyond her years as compared to some of her peers. She has inculcated the healthy habit of reading whenever she has free time. However, this may render her rather aloof at times. She should try to mix around more with her classmates."

I have a feeling that Mr Loke is kinda lying. I turned into a retard this sem, and is still relatively immature, and I dont really remember reading much books in school.

Ok the aloof part is kinda true, and I dont really interact much with my own classmates and instead mix around with the crazy lot from different classes cos I am more similar to them in character compared to my own classmates.

But hey, I do talk to my own classmates! Like SuChang, Geraldine and such, and I did talk to the guys quite a number of times, like YanKang(and he got a CAP of 4.07, he still pwns me ):), and HuiKang during Jap.

And most of the teachers say the same thing about me in my studies: I am a quiet student.

I was rofl-ing at that. My parents thought that I was most probably daydreaming in class(given my poor performance this sem), but really, when can we find time to talk when the teacher is busy explaining the photoelectric effect or Fleming's right hand rule to us?

And also, why is it that Mel can score like 81% for her science while I cant D:

Now my ego is like non-existent :/

Firstly, I got pwned by Joanne and (ting)^2 in gaming(specifically in o2 jam), nextly I get pwned in terms of CAP by practically everyone in the family, and finally, Mel gets a better grade than me!!!

Ah well, gotta improve in the future. So everybody jia you and maintain the good grades, and become better for the lousy ones.

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