Monday, 19 May 2008

Clearing up

Was talking to Amanda while sorting out all my notes. Seems that her family is also clearing out stuff. After my notes, it will be my book case that will be sorted out.

Yikes, Ms Emily hasn't returned my lit stuff to me :x

So theres gonna be camp until the 22nd, and I'm not gonna bring my handphone(with its retarded batt that cant last a day), but I'm gonna bring a book or 2 and read it at night with a flashlight. Or maybe take a look at one of Joanne's trig exercise books and get a move on next sem.

I dont like camps, although the activities can be fun, but they dont let us have a proper shower. And this is 3 days, so by the time we get back home we are slick with whatever sweat, grime and sebum(and random microbes too) that isn't gotten rid of properly. And my hair is gonna be in a terrible condition. I actually value my hair alot, cos its like the only redeeming feature about me. Its gonna be a really horrible experience for my hair. D:

Oh, and on msn, put a rainbow (R) in front of your name to help survivors in Sichuan, though I have no idea how it will help, I'm doing it anyway cos reading about people struck by natural disasters is kinda depressing.

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