Thursday, 15 May 2008

Espace server gets PWNED :D

The server was lag-tastic. I had to wait like 10min before I was brought to the module selection page. Super pwnage :D

Anyway, I selected the bio elective, cos I just felt like it :P There are the chem and phyz electives that are really interesting, but I cant join cos of timetable clashes and too little time. And theres another elective that appeared on computer science[CS2201-Visual Basic .NET Programming] that I am interested in as well. Another reason is because I am in Infocomm and yet I can barely understand any kind of programming language.

Anyway, nothing interesting happened these 2 days when we were back in school. There was supposed to be interhouse games, but nobody could be arsed to go and support their houses, including me, since I never really was the sporty type(and neither do I randomly start cheering for the geeks competing in chinese/international chess and bridge). I and my friends did go and catch the movie screenings in the audi but nothing much after that.


Watched screening of Ratatouille and half of Harry Potter of the Order of the Phoenix. After that had lunch and camped out in the library where we almost froze our arse off. Geez exams are over by we are still living in the library :/


Watched the second half of Harry Potter OotP. The movie was played on Mr Tan's laptop, and all of a sudden, at the most exciting wizarding duel of the century between Dumbledore and Moldy-warts, the laptop went flat.

That was the most anticlimatic moment I have ever witnessed in a cinema!(or close to it in this case)

After the movie, we once again camped out at the library. And all of us, with absolutely nothing to do, ended up playing games on our laptops, handphones, or graphing calculators.

I went to bother Huiwen. Originally we were watching a bird that had chose to build it's nest in the more private part of the canteen, and after that we pulled out a bird-spotting book and tried to find out what kind of bird it was, but we ended up laughing at weird names of birds, talking about bioaccumulation, and then when to the uninhabited Siberian-cold part of the library to laugh again.

Sometimes I really wonder why I am friends with such a retardedly sharp person.

We gave up on bird spotting, and then joined the usual gang for lunch, abit more gaming, before returning home.

Days like this are utterly boring and useless. :/

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