Wednesday, 14 May 2008


For the next semester I am considering joining one of the science electives that my school is offering for the level. But we are only allowed to choose one out of all the electives that is offered, and I'm having a hard time choosing :/

Firstly, Bio elective[BL2201-Food Science]. This elective basically expands on what we have learnt for BL1103 on the human digestive system and nutrition, and how food is produced, and how proper nutrition is important in our lives.

Well, bio is the best subject that I am at, and personally I want to be involved in a career field that is closely related to Biology(ie a doctor) and I think that this will probably change my perspective on food. But I kinda flunked the BL1103 exam, so my foundation is most likely weak and I may suffer for this module, although the final grade is all dependent on CA(practicals again) and no exams.

Nextly, we have the Chem elective[CM2201-Kitchen Chemistry]. Its about chemistry in our everyday lives, like in the kitchen for example.

This is definitely high on my interest list(and after taking this module I will probably be talking about household bleach in terms of chemical compounds), and it has no exams either(all pracs :D)

Finally, theres Phyz[PC2201-Beyond Foundation Physics]. They will be talking about Relativity (Newtonian and Einsteinian), Quantum Physics, Particle Physics and Cosmology.

You are probably shooting a strange look at me, cos I dont seem to do very well for phyz.(._.) But all the topics, especially Cosmology, is something that I am interested in.

But, there is EXAMS, and knowing that I will probably flunk the entire module altogether makes me thinks twice although I am very interested in COSMOLOGY.

But I guess I gotta stick to external books and wait for the Astronomy module in the future.

So, I got bio and chem, which should I take?


Yihui said...

Take physics :D I took it last year!

Yihui said...

Take physics :D I took it last year!