Thursday, 22 May 2008

Camp :D

Wasnt as bad as I expected! :D

I wish I was able to bring a camera and get Huiwen to snap professional photos of us for me.


Our camp instructor for my class is called Rendall in the daytime, and Samantha in the night. He and another instructor(Ah Hwat or somethingorother in the day, Ah Hua at night) are brothers in the day, and are sisters at night. But they fight more often than actually get along.

Originally we were very unenthu about the upcoming camp horrors that we were expecting, and in the morning when we reached the campsite we didnt bother to really learn our cheers and stuff. Then for lunch he was emoing, and didnt eat.

And the class was very much more enthu after that to cheer him up. That makes it seem like we live off people's misery ._.

We had the Big Event in the afternoon under the gigantic fireball that we call the Sun in our solar system. Nothing special, but we did learn alot of stuff even though we didn't win. Washed up after that.

Shower was hell lot better than last year's. Last year they only gave us 5min per person to shower, and if we exceed the time limit the camp instructors will barge into the cubicle. Scary.

During dinner, i realized that we somehow have some kinda school caterer of sorts. The food that was catered to us had provided the same lunch packs, like the ones that we got for Orientation 07, Orientation 08, and other school events that I cant think of right now.

We had campfire cheer practice(and plenty of entertainment by Samantha and Ah Hua). Halfway through Daniel got called out for the next game that we were gonna play. The next game was Kidnapped. The instructors pulled out the mentor reps from each class, chained them somewhere around the campsite, and let them enjoy the night breeze while the rest of the classmates were running around like crazy doing all the tasks and getting the keys to the lock. We were the first class to actually complete the whole thing, it was awesome :D We rock :D Samantha then told us that this time the game was carried out in a less sadistic way, cos according to him, they chained the people right in front of their eyes while playing the game with the Dunman High group at St John's Island.

After the activity I skipped supper and fought over the shower with the rest of the people who also wanted to wash up before sleeping.

We had air cons in the chalet :D. Not everyone listened to the lights out command, the 5 of us bunked in the living room and talked until we ran out of stamina at around 1.30am. We did wake up afew people though(sorry about that :P). I remember we were talking something about pimples and the colour of our underwear.

Woke up the following morning frozen stiff and I realized that my sleeping bag became lopsided for some reason, but somehow my back didnt hurt from sleeping on the floor unlike last year.


Our toilet paper ration ran out already.

Over our breakfast of bee hoon(mismatched with a piece of raisin cake), I found out that the temperature of the air con was set at 16°C. No wonder we were freezing our arses off. In this case I guess that I would prefer a tent really(and then we can also stargaze). Also, the 206 guys were playing cards last night in the chalet, and then the instructor went in to check on them. They pretended to sleep, and when they got up again to continue, they found that Shahid fell asleep during the 5mins o.o

First activity in the morning, we were given $20, and we had to use the money to buy stuff, and then sell the stuff we made, and earn at least twice of what we spent and then the money will be donated to help the China and Burmese people.

It was really easy. My class sold sweets. Me and Suhang took 4 packets to sell, and we chanced upon 2 old aunties. We explained the whole situation to them, and then sold the 4 packets to them, they $7, and did not want change. We O.O at them, and then went back to the gathering place feeling super pai seh. The girls were able to sell, but for some reason it wasnt so easy for the guys. But Jens came back with $8.50(on the second try).

Then for the activity debrief, Rendall bought us bubble tea :D This guy can be evil and yet nice at the same time

Lunched and mulled over the next activity.

Gladiator was next. The game consisted of throwing wet sponges and hitting people and targets until the territory was entirely conquered by one of the classes. 206 and 204 ended up competing, and 204 won. After that when Timo shouted at Wayne for not running backwards and letting himself get hit, he told him to "press the S key" XD Timo is one hell of a hardcore gamer lol.

Dinner, and then campfire. Didnt really pay full attention to the campfire, I was focusing on watching the moon rise instead. Counted 11 stars too. I enjoyed our class performance, we did parodies of Ribena ad, Mocca's 'I'm selling my house' ad, Topspin, M1 and Fedex's 'Zhang Xian Sheng' ad.

We managed to get through to 98.7fm at around 12am :D Was our first time on radio, and we got the song 'Uncle Mutton' :D After that we talked some more about stuff that I cant remember, and then kinda passed out at 2am.


Even though the temperature of the air con was lowered to 20°C, we were still covered in a layer of ice.

Wonderful, camp is gonna end, but not until the place is cleaned up though. My class went to clean the guy's dorm(emphasize on guys). We found:

-a door with the doorknob broken off
-some guy's underwear lying in the middle of the living room
-a glowstick that looked like really sick at first lol XD

After that Rendall showed that off to everyone at camp XD

Back to school, and then home. I felt really knocked up but I showered before I slept.

And I found that the sun had burnt me such that I have shirt and shorts marks on me! Great, now I have an unevenly(and unwillingly) tanned skin.

Then I slept from 1pm until dinner :D

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