Saturday, 22 March 2008

Its raining, and its pouring

Gallons and gallons of water.

Come to think about it, I havent swam for a long time. (that was random)

And my earphones decided to die on me today on my way to school for Jap. ): No matter how much I jiggle the plug connected to my phone, the left earphone refuses to work. And the right makes funny crackling sounds whenever the wire is disturbed. I hope that it can miraculously fix itself so that I can choose to listen to music instead of screeching tires when I'm on the way home from school.

And I need to remind myself that I owe YS the zoo tycoon disc. But meanwhile my revenge for him being so freaking good in O2 Jam/O2 Mania (you practice everyday don't you D:<) I probably will pretend to forget to bring the disc to school on purpose.

I have a feeling that it not gonna be the best week in school for week 2.

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