Monday, 24 March 2008


MugFest! And it is compulsory or everyone! Those who excuse themselves without a valid reason faces a penalty of 1 grade down!

Eh, and it includes me too. So I guess I'm indirectly punishing myself by declaring that?


Huiwen lent me House of the Dead III PC version! Even if it isn't as exciting as holding a gun in the arcade, it is still a very good stress reliever. Oh, and that fat monster where it's stomach can be blasted open, its name is Charles O.O And I can't imagine Charles from our level storming around school with a gigantic pot belly and brandishing his patented Chuckie 360 Degree Leg Hair Shaver as a weapon of mass destruction. o.O But hey it would be comical if I dreamt about that.

During the Art period break, me and my bio project group went to set up the terrarium. We went to catch ants too, only to find that they escaped from the plastic bag one way or another. I went to get the pond water from the school eco-garden, and it was gonna be Chinese next so I hastily scooped up the water and dumped it in the terrarium. Later, we noticed that there was a small little fish swimming in it! O.O I caught a fish even without noticing it, and we are gonna have to remove it since the teacher said that there cannot be any vertebrates in the terrarium.

I dug some earthworms from my garden on Sunday as well, but I think they all died when I reached school today. In the evening I went to find more, only to catch 2 earthworms, and they were alive and rather bigger than the ones caught earlier. I remember that in P3 or something we raised mealworms in school, and they lived in oatmeal(literally). When HuiShi suggested that we get mealworms I was imagining the terrarium being turned into a small patch of land that grows oatmeal.

And during lunch, when to (Ting)^2's classroom to check out the dead bird that choose it's deathbed(and toilet) behind the dustbin. Esther suggested that it died of food poisoning cos there was green bird shit(o.O) all over the place. If it could get in, I wonder why it can't get out.

And it reminded me once in primary school when a huge bee or something flew into the classroom, and everyone trained their eyes on it. Then the bee flew into the ceiling fan with a funny 'thwack' sound before it flew out the window in a rather disorientated matter.

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