Friday, 21 March 2008

History Project

At Michelle's house doing history project while blogging. Kinda. I'm trying to figure out all the facts that I found on the net and trying to link one event to another. Its tough, especially when we can't find many detailed resources on U Aung San on the internet. And when if there is some info, they all seem different. Frustrating. D:<>:p And I hope it will be Mr Tan who will be back and teaching my class for the next chem module. Next module is hopelessly cheem, Basics of Atomic Model, basics my foot. If it isn't Mr Tan teaching I probably will not be able to understand the whole thing.

Please hurry and come back and teach us Mr Tan. Where is the love man?

Bio exam and physics exam next week, along with the lit drama and a maths quiz(hopefully easy) and starting on new chem module.

The best way to de-stress lately is to drown the innocent people in Zoo Tycoon. Man I sure dont wanna be one of the guest in that zoo where animals and dinosaurs are set free.

It would be a great Fear Factor:Zoo Tycoon tv show :D

@(Ting)^2 : help me do that blogskin on that scream thingy that I drew on msn!! :D

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