Wednesday, 27 February 2008

2 weeks to March hols!!

I only just realized the distance between me and a week long break.



Dad finally replaced my bed. Why replace the bed? Cos it apparently enjoyed torturing me in the middle of the night by deciding to unscrew itself loose, collapse on one side and leaving the other three sides of the bed frame dangling precariously on a probably rusty nail each, and leaving me cursing and swearing about an evil collapsing bed and sleep deprivation as I violently jam the loose screw and delicate wooden bed frame back into place.

The new bed was detached from the upper half of the double decker in my Dad's room. The new bed is a little taller than the previous shaky one, and the bed frame is a nice jet black addition to my room. Best of all, I can sleep peacefully knowing that the bed will not make me think that I am gonna fall of a cliff in the middle of my sleep. :D

In school, we have been doing parodies of this "My Name is Joe" thingy. Today in FPS we churned out something like this cos I was telling them to literally churn their brains out for a solution.

Hi, my name is Joe, and I work in a brain-churning factory.
I got no wife, no dog and no family.
One day my boss came out to me and said,
"Joe, are you busy?"
I said no,
Churn, the brains with your right hand.


And the Eidson Chen episode left no impression in my head cos I really don't care about him quitting the music industry due to leaked porn pics, but it feels odd that he's the one getting all the blame and not the original person who snagged the pics from his computer hard disk and spread it around.

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