Saturday, 16 February 2008

Chem Prac

I haven't talked about my pracs I did in school, I guess I should talk about them to make up for inactiveness.

Chem Prac [150208, Friday]
Since this entire Chem module for this term is on practicals, we go to the lab every week. The first 4weeks we did titration which ended in a practical test which I really liked cos I got very accurate results in my titration :D

We did testing for gases yesterday. We had to use the Bunsen burner and other reactive stuff, so we were little cautious. I haven't forgotten that last year SuHang accidentally burned her finger due to a piece of glassware that we forgot hadn't cooled yet. I also stupidly broke it by running the same hot glassware by running it under tap water without letting it cool down.

We tested the presence of oxygen, sulphur dioxide, chlorine gas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen gas and ammonia gas.

The chemicals involved in the test for oxygen caused the test tube to turn black. The part where I got to see the glowing splint reignite was nice.

Sulphur dioxide, chlorine and ammonia stinks. The sulphur dioxide made me feel like choking. >xP The lab smelt funny after the practical, with all those fumes escaping into the air.

I found the test for hydrogen kinda fun. We had to poke a lighted splint into the test tube and get a pop sound. I found the pop sound kinda addicting and lighted the splint afew more times just for the heck of it.

I accidentally got a drop of potassium dichromate VI on my practical. Now that part is stained orange.


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