Thursday, 14 February 2008


Happy Anti-Single's Day people :D


This apparently had no connection with romance in Rome in the past. To be specific, it was on 15th Feb and it was celebrated as a fertility rite where guys ran around the streets stark naked.

But things have very obviously changed, now lovesick people are running all over the place trying to primp themselves up for their other halves and snatching chocs off the shelves. Ah well, I might as well join in the chaos and lighten up the moods of my friends who are still single, jealous of the SuHangxUly ruckus by giving them stuff too.

In return however, I did not except my classmates to actually prepare super nice and tasty looking sweets and handmade chocs for me! Makes my own presents look so pathetic :P ah well, LOVE YOU ALL PEOPLE ANYWAY :D

Oh and the green pipe cleaner flower was given to the class by Daniel, HuiKang and Glen. Nice guys :D


Unedited version.


And Mom understands my Death Note obsession :P and I find it interesting that she had asked me to scan his bookmark for her too.

And today during lit, I was asking HuiWen for a random piece of paper to write down the email addresses, and I made a crumple-paper-into-a-crap-paper-ball action, and she answered me with 'No' and mimicked my action, and it made me laugh like really crazy, until tears started leaking outta my eyes. I really havent laughed until I could barely breathe that in ages. XD

Hmm gotta ask WeiHan if he is going for that calligraphy competition.

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