Saturday, 13 October 2007

Gonna die soon argh

Whoa time really flies. I mean, time just decided to attach a rocket to itself so that it can go faster.
Ah well, random pics.

The Spiky Tofu

And the Nescafe

Ah well, was bored

Next up, we were doing a chem experiment with natural pH indicators. The one with grapes looked ugly so they ain't featured.
Cooking Blue Pea Flower and Red cabbage lol

Blue Pea Flower, and the results of the household chemicalsWith red cabbage.


And this is CuSO4 being crazy in the lift. Both of us actually wanted to scare the chem teacher, but th chem teacher and another swarm of them entered the lift at the same time.
Half of the family in the audi. CuSO4 did not want to take a pic.

And one thing that I kinda realized, is that people, like me and the whole lot of us who study in freaking GOODfantasticSMARTcleverELITE schools, theres a lot of pressure on the lot of us to achieve freaking high standards on our schoolwork. The so-called 'normal' people in society have hellish high standards of us. They like expect us to know EVERYTHING in the world, and like have not just 101/100 marks, more like 110/100 marks.
But I mean, HELLO! Wake up! We are still a bunch of crazy to be scientists and mathematicians. We are still teenagers who want to go crazy and be stupid. We are still churning out random crazy theories of the world, not proper ones. Don't rob us of our teenage lives yet. YET.
Also, we cant possibly know EVERYTHING in the world, we cant remember every name of every animal, we cant know every single chemical compounds in the world, we cant understand everything about theories of hyperspace and stuff. So PLEASE, give us a break.
We aren't like YanSheng either, who can understand all sorts of funny and weird stuff about the universe. But he's born with that mega processing brain of his, we aren't. We are competing which some of the best brains in the country/world there. Its hard to stand out. I mean look, very few people are able to accelerate in their modules and take a higher year module right?
We are there in NUS High School of Mathematics and Science not just to get freaking brilliant grades and be an elitist and to to look down on people. We are there because we want to know more, we are a bunch of curious people over there who want to know more about the world. We are not there to know everything, to show off to the 'normal' people our knowledge. We want to use this knowledge to help people of the world, not to look down on the so-called 'less smart' people.
Anyway, I would give YS a run for my money if he knows and understands every single thing in the universe.
And also, this is a reminder not to judge a book based on it's cover. Not all people of NUS High are nerds.

That was massive.

Must chiong for module exams...



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