Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I feel like a zombie lately. Its either wake up multiple times at night OR insomnia these few days. And just last night I had a really bad dream, a nightmare in other words. Just as I was thinking I grew out of it.(Damn)
When I'm alone, in school at home or even going home alone on the bus or mrt, I'm either feeling oddly lost for some reason or else I just feel frustrated for no big reason. The rain aint helping either, it makes me feel more depressed for some reason.
But its a miracle that whenever I have some weird uncertain feeling when getting out of the car and stepping onto school campus, the minute I see my friends, I totally lighten up again. Be it Weiren(the first one I usually see reaching school first) who's coming to annoy me cos I hit him on the head for being stupid, or Joanne who's violent mood swings creep me out, or its talkative Vivian telling me Mona's latests crush, I crack up and start hitting nerdy YanSheng(you stupid maths genius) or discussing random news with SuHang. Or even being lame and start sing random songs by Linkin Park/Fall Out Boy/The White Stripes together with Tricia, talking about Harry Potter stuff with Michelle, or pair up with Amanda to start staring at TingTing(aka (Ting)^2) fawning over how cute Keita is.
And when I get home, there's always Andrew running to me and hugging me around the legs(since he aint tall enough) to welcome me back, Mom to talk about random funny stuff happening in school, and Dad telling me about some interesting new game or website I might like.
I know that I shouldnt have this kinda feeling, but I keep feeling weird before I sleep.
I guess the 'teenagers' package comes with a hidden 'emo' element in it.

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