Saturday, 25 August 2007

Be a bit more cheerful

Been kinda emo-ing lately, so I'm gonna be random today and talk rubbish about what happened this week.

Me: *stares at Spencer's shirt* Wth! Why is your shoulder like that one today? So dirty!
Spencer: I got hit by a truck.
Me: WTH LOL. I'm surprised that you didn't die yet hey,
Spencer: More like I was the one who hit the truck by accident.
Me: LOL. Where?
Spencer: The rear wheel of the stupid truck.
Vivian:*comes over* Omg! What happened to your clothes?

As you people can tell, Spencer was the blur one who rammed into a truck by accident in the morning. Ms Chua noticed and phoned his parents and he went to NUH. Watch out where your walking next time hey.

Be Yourself Day! We are allowed to wear home clothes to school, so I took the chance as an excuse not to wear the stupid tie. Its a nice change once in a while. The theme was 'professional', but no one cares anyway.

Me: What profession can I be if I were to wear home clothes to school?
Tricia: A professional flirter?
Me: What kinda profession is that.
Tricia: Or maybe a professional pole dancer!
Me: No way.
Tricia: I know! Be professionally yourself!
Me: Cool :D

Yeah, I did go to school being professionally myself :D

Curse you, my missing maths file. But I did manage to get Ms Lee to photocopy the whole lot of maths stuff for me. At least Ms Lee isnt as evil as Mr Lee.
I like math, I like it not. I like maths, I like it not. I like maths, I like it not.

In the end I'm still cramming for my maths. And all the stupid test are making me worried. Such as the latest physics test on thursday. Well at that point in time I was feeling throughly
down so I dont think I did well. But it was still hard. I mean look at one of the girls in my class(will not mention name). She just broke down halfway through the test.
In the end everyone is feeling the pressure of schoolwork. I happened to chat with Ms Chua when I pass by her during lunch and she was thinking that Sem2 was more manageable. To all parent/adults, it aint true. Especially since some of us are taking 2 humanities this Sem and the chem stuff is being evil. >:[

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