Thursday, 9 August 2007

Random post

To answer your questions Mel, the leekspinning girl vid was just repeating the same action(which was in a very short period of time) over and over again until the song ends. The original website is here. But theres no 'time limit' here, cos somehow the site owner kept the leek spinning vid repeating.
Also, I aint exactly playing computer games, rather doing this for the Mangaka 07 competition my Infocomm teacher told me to join.


Im still wondering if I should recolour the whole thing, cos it looks weird o.O
But at any rate this is killing me. The lineart is crooked, and the shading sucks big time.

Friday-Sports Meet/National Day celebrations :D
Ok totally outdated, but dont blame me, blame the lineart :P
The event was kinda boring, cos all you do is sort of watch the people running around the track. But we were still acting like a bunch of maniacs screaming and shouting around.

Poke fun at my house mascot aka Red Bull

My house (Fibonacci) was pwned by Faraday(yellow) Sad. But we did put up a good fight.

We eat Faradayians for breakfast,
We eat Flemings for lunch,
We eat Nobellions for dinner,
You are all goners.

But now Faraday won,
Our breakfast is gone,
But we'll make do with the rest,
We still kicked their ass.

-(Ting)^2, fellow fibo-ian.

We had a yellow banana for a snack! :D

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