Monday, 25 June 2007

School rant

Back to school!!! Ok lah, it wasn't so much like torture as I thought. A whole load of teachers joined in addition to those who have left. Changed DMs as well ): new DM is more strict than the old one. Well at least the old one could crack weird jokes here and there during assembly.
As usual, first day of school=slack.
So today, no homework, and we still had a 2hr free Bio period to kill.
End up having me borrowing a friend's iPod and stick it in one ear at max volume, sprawled all over the table in weird positions drawing something very out of proportion on a random piece of paper(as usual)while eyeing a wasp that sort of flew into the classroom.
And the geography teacher is kinda fun!(Although the geo module looks darn hard O.O)First up, one lengthy introduction to herself and about Geography.
Then a couple of remarks.
Then she mentions that she has ways of finding out about her students, such and digging through their ePortfolios and finding out the blog links o.O
And of course, the cap off this modern teacher, she has a blog herself! :D
And well, this could mean that she is looking through my blog posts RIGHT this minute.
Kinda creepy.

Went home and ranted on and on about school to my interested Mom. :D

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