Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Leg pain D:

RAWR! Yesterday we had to do some weird exercises here and here for PE. The teacher did warn us not to say anything like *beep* during the course of the exercises, but she didn't say that we can't say *beep* to the pain we are suffering in our legs the next day!
And it really hurts like hell. Every single movement that requires the tiniest bit of leg muscles causes pain. Because of this, I have been avoiding the staircases in school and taking the lift instead. But it can't be avoided at home!
So while I am lumbering down the stairs, Mom tries to keep a straight face and not laugh at me. I can barely walk now since walking needs me to bend my legs abit, and then there will be pain in the entire leg. Ouch.
Sitting and standing up is difficult too. Double ouch.
Just as Mom was telling me to go and start training for the cross country/NAFA test today when my legs aren't feeling good along with saying that jogging will make the pain go away by tomorrow.


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