Monday, 11 June 2007

Fun :D

-Posted one day late cos I was so freaking lazy :P-
Yesterday, went to Raffles Place, Citilink and Suntec City to take a load of pics for the eCard Competition. :D It was fun, completely different from what I thought was gonna be something like nerd guys not talking to bored girls. But it was seriously fun. But its kinda annoying having to deal with Bradford's calls about meeting Ryan first and is coming a bit late as well as asking me over and over again where I am now.
Like when we reached Raffles Place mrt first Mel and I went to buy a drink first, and then Bradford called. And I was pretty annoyed. The convo was something like:

B: *freaks out over the other line*

And the fun started >:D
We were trying to first where the white Raffles statue was, which will look much better on the card than the bronze one right outside the Asian Civilization Museum. But even with the map that Bradford printed out, it ain't helping. And then we just let our intuition take our legs there. I suggested crossing back the bridge, and walking through the pubs and clubs and whatever restaurants over there.
Only to find that the white Raffles statue was actually over the other side. Which was only slightly further from the bronze statue -_-"
And Mel and I were sharing her iPod. And at that time Bradford started asking me stuff.

B: So where do you want to eat for lunch?
J: *blur* Huh? Er yeah?
B: So where do you want to eat for lunch?
J: *is still blur* Huh?
B: So where do you want to eat for lunch?!
J: *even more blur* HUH?

Then we had to find the Merlion next and the Espanade, however its spelt(I'm gonna call it The Durian for a while). Still using some of our intuition and the map, we wandered around again. Only to find that we gotta walk back to the junction and cross the road to be able to end up at the Merlion and The Durian. I and Mel were tired of walking everywhere so I let Ryan and Bradford do the phototaking.
And then I took my cam to take the best non-rusty part of the Merlion(which was the back) and Mel sort of wandered off. Just as I was gonna look over the edge where Mel disappeared into thin air, I suddenly saw Mel walking back to me from the other side and waving at me like a RETARD. Me, being infected with the retard disease, started laughing like a retard as well.
Went to Pepper Lunch at Suntec for lunch! :D Its nice, but it was a little ex. Mel now owes me $8.80 for her beef set. Thank me that I brought enough money to pay for you. And went the food came, Bradford started talking about alot of funny stuff. Most of which about my Bio modules next year.
-For those who aren't so squeamish about the human anatomy, you're welcome to read about our convo-

B: So, er, Dr Seah brought along for the class...
J: Whoohoo, Dr Seah is a female, thank god.
R: *cuts in in a whisper* A modal of the vagina.
B: And a condom, which she said was used to teach this module for 3years already. She said the rubber was hardening already. *imitates Dr Seah doing something to the model of the vagina and condom*
B: *starts reciting the hormonal control of menstruation*
J&M: *confused*
B: And then there was this video she showed us about abortion,
R: Oh that was horrible, everytime when theres a 'ding' sound thingy you know the scene is gonna be horrible.
B: Oh I couldn't sleep for a night. Anyway, the camera will first zoom in to the aborted baby, it looks normal, then the camera will zoom out and show the babies in small tiny cups in some liquid.
J&M: *disgusted*
B: And there was rat dissection! And my class was the more mischievous one, and they anyhow used the tweezers to fling the rat around. And then they cut off the penis/testes and attached it to the vagina, and turned it in to a homosexual(something like that).
J&M: *gone crazy*

And we spent over 30mins laughing and eating at the same time.
We were the last to leave the place. :D
Then went shopping without the guys! Ravaged HMV. Didn't buy anything though.
And went home to a noisy little brother screaming at me for not bringing him along.

Mood: Happy for being able to do something else other than playing my com :D

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