Friday, 15 June 2007

Random rant

Mel, pick any option to answer your question.

1) I have decided to start drawing again(and draw something as my blogskin) but it turned out to be so sucky I redid the entire thing and wasted so much paper, mechanical pencil lead and time. You know how I can't draw for nuts.

2) Busy studying. Better buck up and be a nerd now before next sem starts D:

3) Lazy. As usual.

4) Busy gaming! Now with Granado Espada out, and Tomb Raider: Legend I am finally able to get hold of, I've sort of abandoned my blog.

Thats all folks. Now back to looking after my brother as he is watching Looney Tunes.

Equation of the day:
Mel+Spleen=Retardedness :D

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