Saturday, 9 June 2007

I'm a girl

Yes, I'm a female. And it so happens that I'm the one and only female who joined my school's InfocommClub in year1. And in total there are only 4girls in the club.
Considering this years intake of females, there probably will not be any females keen to join the one and only club that entitles you to privileges such as access to air-con, being able to use the sleek, shiny and modern(well kinda) computers the school provides. (For our abuse (:) And the computers are armed with almost every single authentic program, free or not, for own use for competitions, publicizing, or even simply for typing out a simple document.
But seeing that there are a greater number of XYs than XXs, the result is that the girls are seperated into their different interest groups, causing pretty much only one girl in an interest group.
Actually I'm a wee bit lucky, I've got a female year5 senior, Belinda, to shut the nonsensical boys up.
But of course, Belinda being a year5, she is busy with her Majors, AP exams, and projects. She can be more or less excluded from this eCard competition us people in the graphics team are gearing up for.

Now I'M the only girl in the group who can actively participate in the mass group work. Now with the ideas finalized, its time to get cracking on the phototaking.
Only thing is, my Mom is hesitant about me going out with the rest of the guys in my team alone.

Why Mom objects(sort of):
-I'm the only XX among a few other XYs, and a XX and a XY going out together is usually seen as having a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

I can more or less understand why Mom thinks this way. Anyway beforehand I was like "Why do I have to work with guys when Belinda is around?" when Bradford notified me about the phototaking meet. But in the end I sort of brushed it away, cos I know that they wouldn't bug me anyway if I do my work properly.
Anyway, its not like I don't know how to protect myself or anything.

Wait, thats not the point.

More like, I'm sick of people noticing my(not just me, everyone) every move and from there, start cooking out a rumor that I/somebody like so-and-so.
Its not that I dislike people who come up with the rumors. Just that doing such a thing is ok, its normal, cos us growing up, and we sort of want to experience how it is like to be loved/liked by the opposite gender, and from there, sort of 'fine-tune' our preferences, and in the end, really choose the person who truly is dedicated to looking after the family.
But it is just a joke, for us to come up with the rumors. But the annoying part is that the rumors still continue on, even though we really are, genuinely saying the true, not that we hate that particular person, but we just see him as a normal person, a normal friend. But of course, saying 'hate' is really strong a word. And while trying to express it in another way, people take it that we are 'admitting' that we are really like that person, as in viewing the person as a potential boyfriend/girlfriend.
Many people, including me, are really exasperated about this. In other words, we don't want people to take a joke like this that seriously, and end up dragging it over a long span of time. The joke has already worn off centuries ago, so why continuously bring the subject up?
I'm not targeting anyone, but I'm just saying that a joke is a joke, nothing more.
-insomnia post-

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