Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Making notes is tough

Making notes from the textbook is tough, I've been making notes for 3 straight days already, just in time for the Bio exam tomorrow. But I still have all the rest of the exams after that. After doing the first module test on cell biology last term, I'm really nervous about this one this time round. Left the very last open ended question of the first Bio module test blank which cost me 10+ marks cos I didn't have time left to finish it. And the last question was freakishly easy. I don't think I will have a good grade for the exams, so I think I will scape an average for the module.
On a side note, my mom wants to get a blog?! Somehow I can NEVER link adults with such an activity such as blogging, which they consider to be an absolute time waster.
Meanwhile, I dug out some old pics in my handphone. Will be posting them after the exams (:

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