Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I'm supposed to be revising my History and Maths for tomorrow, but I ended up off course blogging instead >.<
And my Bio exam today was BAD. Ended up with the last question blank and the second last question was answered half way through with a mass of spelling errors. And this time round it was actually easier and I know the answers to ALL the questions, other than afew MCQ questions. But cos of us only having 1hr to do the entire paper(including the open-ended questions with super long answers) some of us can't finish it ): And the last 2questions which weren't finished were on describing the digestive system and urinary system which I know very well. T.T Next time I should just spend 5mins on the MCQ and the rest of the 55mins on the essay structured questions(the essay structured questions REALLY are essays)
And I'm feeling really sleepy lately. Today at home I fell asleep for about an 1hr while revising Maths and I slept for another 10mins while I was looking after my little bro. My baby bro is so lucky, he can sleep the whole day and doesn't need to worry about stuff like exams. Well not yet. But this comes with a downside: He's getting more and more bored each day. We just had a staring match cos he was really too bored.

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