Friday, 4 May 2007

First post

First blog post for a really empty blog. Well Im getting sick of people perstering me to create a blog/Friendster account, so now heres the blog, other time the Friendster account. Happy?
Smack dab in the middle of the exams now, so I dont have the time to do much to this blog. But I will be getting/making a blogskin and sorting out all the links and whatnot after the exams.
HCL was hell today, no one isnt not gonna disagree. I hate cloze passages. How the heck do they expect us to actually understand all the freaking weird words and everything. Hit me with a brick for not studying seriously for this. Im relying heavily on HCL module to pull up my average grades but I still aint studying. ): Someone hit me with another brick and tell me to lay off the com during the exam week.
Stay tuned for more freakishly lame musing from an organ.
Back to physics. Physics sucks ):

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