Sunday, 27 May 2007

Late night post

Just had a made-up-of-nothing-but-rubbish SMS exercise with Mel! Haha, though funny and senseless, I won't talk much about it cos 1/7 of our smses were kinda dirty-minded cos of a certain page that I randomly opened in my Bio textbook in a fit of boredom. Mel will know exactly which page that was. ;)
On another note, in response to my Mom's FIRST blog post(remember, 260507 :D) I have to say, Mom, yes its true that I had to explain computer-related stuff to you in an even-more-rojak-than-rojak mixture of English and Chinese(and end up not understanding what I was talking about either), but I actually wonder if my so-called degree of smartness is comparable to you, although you said I'm better in academics as said in your blog, especially in Maths and Science, but look at who's the one who needed help in the end to solve that algebra problem with so many brackets and square roots/cube roots. In fact, if you hadn't nudged me in the right direction, I would actually be stuck there in my seat for the entire day without a clue about how to finish the problem. Although yes, I can pretty much read that super thick Bio textbook and kind of mention the facts to you lightly, part of the reason why I wasn't squirming in my seat was cos it was interesting. Anyway, about my obsession to the computer(spending 99% on playing games and 1% on projects), yeah I learnt alot, thanks to my addiction with Neopets in P3-P4, Runescape and other MMORPGs from P4 onwards, I did learn alot about using the internet, and stuff like microsoft words and whatnot, but I don't think companies are actually interested in how much I know how to use the com, but rather on my academics(as usual -_-"). That piece of paper given out at the end of an exam never includes your knowledge on computers. How sad, cos us teenagers now are spending more time on the computers than our studies(duh) and we cannot use it to our advantage. Unless you are planning to work for Google or something.
But of course, I still gotta give you credit for raising up such a troublesome kid until today ;) In the very past, it was me who was hogging the remote control, slightly later, it was me being a crazed fan of Harry Potter and J.K Rowling, and now, a computer manic who's eyes are gonna get into trouble with the health authorities if she doesn't lay off the keyboard for another minute.
-What a long post-
And its time to SCREAM YOUR LUNGS OUT due to tomorrow's Meet-the-Parents and report book collecting.

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