Saturday, 2 June 2007

Holidays. Whoohoo.

Yes, holidays are here but I don't have the holiday spirit. On the last day of school, I just thought "Oh, the holidays are here already" and just shrugged it off and ended up waking up subconsciously at 5am as per normal before realizing I can sleep late now. And now what used to be a super excited me at this time of the year, I've become really sluggish. So sluggish to the extent that I'm lazy to blog, lazy to think, and lazy to wake up.
And somehow, reading my textbooks and playing online sudoku seems to take some of the boredom away, if not simulate my half-dead brain cells to start dividing again before the new semester starts.
Though Mom did try to help me chase boredom away. She brought me out shopping on Thusday. Only Mom bought more stuff than me. She got alot of skin-care products and lots of clothes while complaining that her stomach skin is getting saggy/more fats are piling up, and that she can't fit in the clothes. Me? Can't really be bothered but bought a few shirts at bargain prices. I actually wanted this cool Lavi shirt but they didn't mark down the prices yet. Over $40, wth.
And through this year's Great S'pore Sale, I figured that I will have a freaking hard time finding shoes of my size when I am working. I mean, I'm still growing(wth) and shoes are rather hard to find with my size.
And Mom still asked me if I wanted to buy any of the low-heeled shoes on sale -_-" I'm already tall enough Mom.
To end this senseless post, I'm crazy over the new Tomb Raider: Anniversary RPG game :D The graphics are fantastic compared to all the old ones. If I took out my super old version of the Lara Croft game I've got, TRA rocks :D
Whoa, mass InfocommClub meeting convo on MSN on the 4th. Bradford's thinking is whacked. o.O If all of us IFC members are in one convo, I don't need to type at all and just watch the others flood the entire window.

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