Wednesday, 23 May 2007

I hate my exam results

Exams results are out. I hate my marks. Especially for Bio topic on the Digestive/Excretory system, cos I really studied for it but ended up having a fail(if the past mark is 50% and not 40%, which is what the teachers said) ): I don't feel like I deserve that kind of marks. Wth.
Anyway, the marks for continuous assessment(60% of entire grade) is out. Lets see...

Basics of Cell Biology- B+
Nutrition and the Human Alimentary Canal- B+

Higher Chinese 1A- B+

Properties of Matter- B+

Introduction to Language Skills- A-

From Settlement to Singapore (1300s-1970s)- A-

Integrated Science:
How Science and Scientists Work- B+

Japanese Level 1 (Part A)- A+

Number Systems- B
Algebra, Indices & Surds- B+

Introductory General Physics- B-

Evaluating myself(or something like that), I'm more or less pleased with my CA marks. And I got a A+ for my Jap?! Wow. :D I find it amazing.
And my Mentor teacher wrote the concluding remarks(copied off my eSpace gradebook):
Mentor Remarks : Yuet Huey is a highly articulate individual who shows maturity in thought beyond her years. She is also a highly talented individual, especially in the area of calligraphy.
o.O Wow, I'm mature? I never knew.
And a few days ago, during a briefing on Year5 specialization in Maths and 2Sciences(and optional 1Humanities Majors/Majors with Honours), many people are deciding on the Science majors with their exam marks. Like "OMG I LOVE MY PHYSICS MARKS", they are choosing the major in physics.(Like SuChang) For me, I'm sticking to Bio. But that does not mean that I'm definitely gonna be a doctor yet. As for the Humanities, I'm gonna do History(thanks to Ms Chua who spread her enthusiasm to me :D).
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