Friday, 18 May 2007

Bored part 2

I'm BORED. I've exhausted all the games I can think of on my com. Done with Stepmania, FlashFlashRevolution, Runescape, YouTubing, bloghopping, watching anime, downloading manga, played on Miniclip, and worst to the worst, went back to Maplestory, but quit after 30min cos it was really to boring. And I'm waiting for the lastest anime episode of D. Gray-Man to be uploaded on CrunchyRoll as well as the next chapter of D. Gray-Man manga(I'm addicted to it now!!! >.<) At the same time, I can't spend too much time on the com or else my vision will shoot up to like 600degrees or something in a week. Jkjk. Those in my graphics team in InfocommClub are most likely to be thinking "But you got the eCard competition thingy to be working on now!!!" Urgh, I haven't even gotten around to open up the graphics editing programmes yet. Anyway, my mom's got her own blog O.O Spent a whole morning teaching my mom is use blogger and explaining the blog title, posting, url and so on.

Me: This is blah blah blah, and it will appear as blah blah blah on the blog. And...(continues convo)
Mom: ...I don't really understand.
(Above convo was in Chinese, usage of words may vary)

But actually, it was quite hilarious to explain everything to my mom is broken bits of sentences mixed with English. Of course it was tough to explain what html was to my mom is Chinese, but I had quite a laugh at hearing my own self explaining in such a way that it doesn't make sense to myself. Haven't taught/added everything to mom's blog yet, but here's the "nan kan" template blog (: