Thursday, 17 May 2007

Bored liao

This few days there's no school cos the teachers are marking all the exam scripts, yay. But I'm already bored outta my wits -_-"
And just as I was thinking that searching for a blogskin would help cure boredom. Nope. Not when I have to use the *NEW* and *IMPROVED* blogger, and I can't find nice blogskins cos I have no idea about the html tags which I totally forgot. Kept saying I didn't close the xml tags or something for language or script attibute O.O
Meanwhile, HAPPY BDAY KRISTAL TAI to good ole 6Charitian'06!!! Another tall friend I could talk to without the need to lower my head awkwardly :D
Anyway, it seems that many people's mood swings has got the better of them. Cheer up people, there are tons of friends and family members supporting you. You are able to pull through it, not matter what kind of problem it is. Cheer up ok? It's depressing to me to see people all depressed and totally down and all. And here's something to cheer up all up :D

All those who watched and enjoyed Azumanga Daioh will love the song Waka Laka from DDR and spaced out Osaka, featured in this vid :D

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