Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Pwned exams :D

The next big hurdle will be getting the results back. -_-" The time when teachers give the parents feedback about us, and of course, getting grounded for another 2 weeks, depending on whether our parents are happy with our results. Thankfully I didn't receive another slip of paper showing our appointment time with the subject/mentor teachers. Which means that the teachers are not going to come after us that much next semester :D
Haven't gotten a blogskin yet cos I'm too lazy to look through all the skins they got and none of them seem to be that good to me. Another thing, I really want to make my own blogskin, but there's the blog coding problem. I picked up a little bit of html in p4, but I didn't need to use it at all and I ended up forgetting about it. And my keyboard is giving me problems as well. When I type a certain symbol or something, another weird symbol appears instead. Its annoying when (") on the keyboard ends up as a (@) on the screen. Gotta fix that and my annoying com problem too, everytime I start up my com, the cpu usage will shoot up to 100%, and I have to wait for like 5mins before I can use it properly without lagging.(Somehow I've got a lot of problems here...Sheesh)
Meanwhile, the HOLIDAYS are coming :D But it will be the same story, before the exams, we're always thinking about everything we WOULD like to do when the holidays/breaks come, but we end up dying of boredom. And I'm gonna be turning up for OLGC Family Day this weekend!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone (:
And here's the pics I promised you all (: It ain't gonna be doing them justice resizing and editing them, so I'm providing the links and unedited pics, thats all (: FEAR MY LOUSY PHOTO-TAKING SKILLS MUAHAHAHA
First up, Renia!!!
Mel, she's gonna kill me :P
YiTing :D
Enjoy people :D
And HuiShi, I'm making it clear that I DO NOT like HanSiang, who likes a guy who keeps giving people heart attacks -_-"

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