Thursday, 10 May 2007

Maths and History is OVER!

But Maths wasn't very well done. Algebra problem as usual. Alot of questions were HARD and I just tikam tikam abit and hoped that the answer was correct(meaning that there was no careless mistakes and wrong workings) In the exam hall I was half-wishing that I had watched the bird thingy advert in Renia's blog. But I waved it away cos birds don't have the answers to the questions. Unless of course the number of times the bird shit lands on the hall is the answer(Choy, the hall would stink) But even so, how would they give me the answers of the square root questions thingy? And the teacher whose link I just added today MIGHT have been the one who set the exam questions. Mr Lee, although you're not teaching me and my class this semester, but should you chance on my blog, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T EVER SET THE EXAM QUESTIONS JUST LIKE WHAT THEY SAID IN THE EVALUATION FORMS!!!
History was great :D but halfway through my hand was shaking like mad from writing so much that my handwriting became even messier. And after the exam my hand was totally numb. Manage to squeeze every single essay answer into one booklet. And HuiShi said that Jens hiccuped throughout the exam o.O
And the cabby uncle I met today was super :D I and HuiShi sat in the taxi that SuChang was taking back home cos we were to lazy to walk to the MRT(in HuiShi's case, her Grandma's house) and the cabby uncle didn't mind dropping us off at the respective places :D Go Mr Taxi Driver! :D Thanks for helping a group of lazy students :P
Looking forward to next Tuesday when all the exams are finally over.

EDIT: I just checked, it indeed WAS Mr Lee who set the Maths exam questions!!! >:E Mr Lee!!! I'm serious!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T SET THE EXAM QUESTIONS!!!

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