Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I did promise Michelle that I would update, so I shall blog about something amusing that happened, which involves the word 'Shit'. However I can't really epic-ly describe them as well in written words. But just bear in mind that it was funny.

So before Joanne and I went to the com lab for CS, we were hanging out in the canteen and talking and swearing about what homework we have.

S-Spleen, who is me, who rocks
J-Joanne, who is the friend in question, who also rocks

S: Hey, all our sentences end with 'shit' leh.
J: Ya lah, shit arh.
S: Then when we talk lets say the word 'shit' in every sentence we say.
J: Ya, like shit arh.

And we swore our way to the 4th floor. And its YS-hantaming time! :D

S: -looks at the HP product timeline- Wah, long like shit.
YS: What
J: -laffs-
S: I said that the timeline thingy is long like shit.
YS: What lah!
J: -laffs somemore-
S: Aiya you stupid like shit lah.
YS: What!!
J: Oi you bu zun jing your father arh, like shit arh you!
S: What! I say he's stupid like shit, nothing to do with you wah! Like shit lah!
J: -laffs somemore and pretends to scold me-
YS: -stares- What the hell.
J & S: -going to collapse from laughing-
YS: Shit you.
J & S: -laugh like shit-

That was the shit story on Friday :D

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