Monday, 21 July 2008

Random days ahead

I didnt blog for about a week I think, and other than saying that home made ice cream rocks, I think I will take about today cos that is like what I can remember the best now.

Our school is joined by a bunch of students from overseas for immersion programmes. Today those from China and Germany(woah woah thats like super far) came over, and according to vice principal more people from Okohama(sp?) and Brunei are coming too. We are one busy school.

Chem lesson;

Chem teacher redeemed himself alittle by correcting his past mistake, where he said that the first dimension is a point. So clearing things up, 0 dimensions is a point, one dimension is a line, and yadda yadda. I am relieved that the book Flatland got its facts correct(and I think that it is the book that taught that lines are one dimensional).


This week is language week, and besides the π recitation competition held on 22/7 (π Approximate Day lol), I had to help out at the Jap stall that was set up. Sensei ended up getting me and Mona to wear the yukata that she brought. I though it wouldnt fit me but sensei tried it on me and I was like "Wth kimonos are huge". I and Mona ended up slacking instead of tending to the stall together with Michelle and we let the people from Jap level 3 class do all the work instead.

Oh, and obis rock cos you can poke other people for all you want and when they zonk you back there is no effect :D Tried and tested by me and Michelle and I had a fun time poking her :D

And (ting)^2, be jealous :D -egos-

And on the Dawn and Xiaxue thingy, I have to say I think Xiaxue is pretter than Dawn(ok both of them look kinda overboard with all the makeup and all, but who cares, its their business) but I see Xiaxue's videos and I think she looks more badass than Dawn, who looks like those kinds of wimpy girls who cant seem to stand up for themselves.

And I find Xiaxue pretty funny when she's not bitching and complaining about stuff and all. Lucky her, she just needs to come up with stuff to blog about and there she goes, she gets money and is able to splurge on stuff and all most of us are like 'die-spent-all-my-money-on-guitar-no-more-bens-and-jerrys-outings'.

And die, I am confused about variables on VB.

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