Friday, 2 May 2008

Share the joy of the end of exams

I would have liked to shout it out loud and scream that the exams are over, but rawr, I got the fever that the worst time ever. To top it off, I also have a sore throat which makes my chest hurt when I start coughing. D:

But Im kinda lucky that I dont feel as bad as some other people. Like (ting)^2 who nearly fainted. Tricia came to school sweating slightly, but at least she got over it now.

And SuChang remarked that people are all getting fevers right after the exam. Well Im glad that at the very least I only fell sick after the exam period and not during.

And well, now theres MOAR FREE TIEM, and that means that while I battle my sickness I can do some other stuff I've been meaning to do. :D

Oh and after I get over my fever(and I think I have a pounding headache coming along), I wanna go out and shop/explore loads of malls with Mel, and(obviously) gaming. I want to train my o2 mania and then try it out on the online o2 jam version (grr and ting^2 is actually better than me, even though I started playing earlier than her last year). And I wanna replay Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary all over again, and maybe I can find the super old Tomb Raider The Last Revelation somewhere on my dad's com. And I also want to watch the entire lot of documentaries my dad has, it so interesting. And I'm gonna watch a bunch of animes all over again. All that is gonna burn holes into my eyes. @.@

And super belated update coming along..

Andrew's birthday like 3 weeks ago?

Even growing up is serious business.

Half eaten cake of his.

And it was my birthday too a week after Andrew's. (Cheesecake yo!)

My friends in school got me so many birthday cookies that I cant finish them all until a week later.

Mel came over too, and somehow this cracked me up
You owe me a pillow fight at your house Mel.

And to end this risen-from-the-blog-graveyard-post, I wanna play The Sims 2 cos I saw this whole lot of funny stuff over here. I highly recommend the legacy series, and Death Note simmie version became so cracked up I cant stop laughing XD

Apparently you can make gay and lesbian simmies and get them to woohoo each other lol XD

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