Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tis the day of the fools

1st of April. But we didn't feel like tricking anyone, maybe cos we overused the pranks back in the old days until now you're the one left laughing when you pull the joke. All the others will think that you are lame or seriously retarded.

Anyway despite not being in the mood for being pranked, we did laugh a little.

During PE, my class ended up with Mr Sun[Soon o.o] as our teacher. We don't really like him, although its badminton that we are learning this term, so we didn't bother doing stuff properly during PE.

For example, when he told us to go run 2 rounds around the track, we walked 2 rounds around the track instead. And he didn't blow his whistle at us or anything, but he did look annoyed when we finished with our 'warm-up'. :D

Next, Mr Sun began demonstrating to us how to hold the racket(as if we don't know). It got really boring. :l Then he let us play afew rounds with each other.

Me and SuHang were bored to tears by Mr Sun, and there wasn't much fun in it. So we ended up doing loads of retarded things.

1) SuHang held the racket upside down and attempted to hit the shuttlecock with the handle. XD And Mr Sun didn't even notice for a good 10min during the game! XDXD
2)SuHang started strumming the racket like a guitar and was jumping up and down like that stick figure in this game (about guitars too) when you reach the highest combo XD
3)One of us hit the shuttlecock until it flew up to the 4th floor corridor(the concourse is considered the 3rd floor). The first time round I went up there to get it, and ended up playing badminton from there with her XDXDXD The next time round SuHang was the one up there, and sadly Mr Sun called her to come down, and accosted her at the staircase door. SuHang just said that the shuttlecock flew up and she went to get it, although he didn't look very convinced. Nevertheless, we succeed in annoying him! :D

Slept during English class, which was made as a time for consultation with the teacher.

Anyway to Mom if you're reading this right now: I'm going to Geraldine's house on Saturday after Jap until around 3pm to do the English project.

Now on to random stuff.

I wanna go Kbox and sing until I get sick of it. I can start singing randomly when I feel like it but I would want to go try it karaoke style.

Oh and a piece of FANTASTIC NEWS for gamers familiar with Tomb Raider :DD

Tomb Raider 8 is gonna be called Tomb Raider: Underworld and is gonna be released on Christmas!!!

Lara Croft is back and she's gonna be hotter, cooler, and sexier than ever!!!

And she looks great too! Her skin looks more realistic when light is reflected and it doesn't look so yellow. And she has a new outfit too! Although I do miss her trademark blue tank top, she still looks cool :D

So I guess you people know what to get for me for X'mas :D

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