Friday, 30 May 2008

P4 Maths Carnival

Was fun and slacky and tiring at the same time :D

Morning, reached school the earliest, cos I forgot the its the school hols and that expressways are not so jammed up now.

Mooched around until the P4/P5 kiddies streamed in. I was made the usher, and so all I had to do was to direct the teachers to the registration counter and the kiddies to the concourse. Easy enough. And the kid were pretty cute, most of them have like pinch-able cheeks and are utterly adorable :D

But the MOE guy stole my customers and he ended up being the one ushering them, so I was kinda annoyed and stayed by the registration counter instead.

And I saw them CHIJ OLGC people :D

Ushering the people in was done by the time the event properly started, so I went to mooch around the hall and help bother Amanda and her stall. Behind us was a group doing the Monty Hall Problem. Then I and SuHang tried to prove the problem, only to get rather odd answers :/ And we tried to ask Ms Lee but she forgot too :/

Then I had to return to duty as an usher and lead the kiddies in the hall to the canteen for their break. Food was weird. The curry puff in a shape of a triangle was not crispy,and the banana cake, though nice, reminded me of an accordion o.o

Then more slacking. Amanda was left the handle to stall alone(LOL :D. I played tetris on my calculator, mingled around, and randomly said hi to teachers and my OLGC juniors :D Halfway through, Ewin asked if I wanted Macs delivery instead of the luncheon that the school provided(looked quite unappetizing this time round, camp food was better), and I agreed and ordered a McSpicy cos I had a sudden craving for Macs that disappeared during the exams and is back again now. (Damn, my money)

The morning shift was over, and I had to get all the kiddies to assemble at the concourse again. Said bye to OLGC people (:D) and waited until 1pm before the [rather bewilded] delivery person came to the school front gate and passed us the Macs meals :D

Somehow or rather the afternoon bunch came when I was digesting my lunch, and I was still slacking and annoying Amanda. Ushering consists of mostly moonlighting o.o Amanda was left to man the show alone again lol :D

Teabreak, getting kids to go to canteen again. Then got the food, which consist of non-crispy and soft curry puff and some weirdo green snack with some funny carrot-orange coloured filling, and then SuHang and Amanda started revolving around me o.o

Slacked again, until the kiddies had to go home. YS popped by, and I suddenly saw that he was oddly tanned o.o

WE ARE DISMISSED! :D We got the extra goodie bags(containing mostly NUS High promotional material) and bused and mrted home with SuHang.


Also, hur, I am gonna do that 100question quiz another time, Mel, I am a nerd, I do not give way to peer pressure XD

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