Saturday, 3 May 2008

Omg, I was feeling better last night to play afew games, and I thought that I would be ok by today and that I just need to finish my course of antibiotics without needing to supplement it with panadol anymore.

But nooo, I freaking woke up at 1am in the middle of the darkness and I couldnt go back to sleep D: So I was kinda huddling under my blanket trying to keep my legs from freezing over while trying to sleep D: And around 6am I was having a headache, and I dug out my thermometer to check my temperature.

What the hell?! I got a freaking temperature of 38.1°C!!! D:

And I dragged my butt out of bed to drink water before trying to go back to sleep, and my legs were freaking wobbly. Mom was downstairs so I ended up taking all my medication and forced abit of breakfast down my throat. And right now I'm sweating AND shivering at the same time D:

Rawr, I'm kinda pissed at myself for not looking after my health, but I wanna murder the freaking virus that cause me(and the family) a whole lot of misery.

If the effing virus is male, I wanna chop his balls off.
If the effing virus is female, I wanna chop her boobs off.

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