Saturday, 3 May 2008

Omg, I am very paranoid that what I'm having now is no ordinary fever. I'm scared that its dengue, especially because my neightbourhood already has 9 cases of dengue fever D:

I slept for about 3hrs just now, and I could feel heat radiating from my face and all. So I dunked a piece of cloth into water and covered my face to cool myself down, then mom returned home and found that I overdosed on antibiotics D: I was supposed to take 5ml each time but dad told me to take 10ml. So now I'm drinking loads of water and popping panadol for the effing fever.

And my fever went up to 38.8°C D:D:D:

I checked Wiki on dengue fever, and now I'm trying to 'diagnose' myself.

Symptoms of Dengue:
-sudden onset of fever
-severe and constant headache
-muscle and joint pains
-rash[bright red or purple spot that is caused my minor hemorrhage appearing on lower limbs and chest]
-gastritis/abdominal pain/nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
-severe dizziness
-loss of appetite

What I have:
-fever[after my last paper, but no mosquito bites]
-slight headache
-backbone hurts alittle
-loss of appetite
-sweating D:

So seriously, I hope I totally dont have dengue or anything that serious.

But fevers still suck D:

And it looks like Tricia got over her fever already :D

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