Saturday, 31 May 2008

Fingergun Fight! :D

Shall elaborate more on the FGF instead of Tricia's birthday outing, cos it was epic :D

Morning, went to Borders to try and get Riot by Paramore as Tricia's present, but it wasnt there :/ Found the super old Tomb Raider: Chronicles for $14+ instead.

Lunched at Carl Jr. Tricia's treat :D The burgers wasnt that messy, but we did mess up the tables.

Shopped around Far East Plaza for awhile, I bought 3 pairs of earings for $5(Cheap!). Now I have a black J on my right ear, and a white C on my left :D Mentioning piercings, I did have a dream about Tricia getting a navel piercing, and that Mel had 3 piercings on one ear, so the letters spelt 'M-E-L'. And Joanne bought a cheap copy of YS's glasses, haha I would like to see YS's reaction to that at school.

After that, we went to Raffle's Place mrt to meet the green plush toy agent. He looked kinda funny with the snake wrapped around his neck, and burst out laughing lol :D

But then, it rained D: We were briefed at a different spot. Our groups got mixed up a little. Then Tricia, SuHang, Joanne, Amanda and I came up with a mini scene for the fight. So basically I would kneel down, but get shot by Tricia and SuHang, and then Amanda and Joanne shot them both.

We mrted(its a verb now) to City Hall and gathered at the empty spot under the Esplanade. Was feeling excited, and yet nervous at the same time, it felt like we were in some conspiracy or something :P

5.20pm, the Fingergun Fight started! :D We rushed in and started acting out our parts. But I didnt even get to draw my gun and used my 20 bullets cos I was the first to die :P And when I died my eyes were still open :P I couldnt see much, but I knew that someone jumped over me, and the uninvolved group of girls who were practicing dance actually screamed :D That was awesome. :D 5mins later someone shouted retreat and we had to scram or it would become a public nuisance if we continued too long. The media with a camera turned up too, but it was kinda annoying, cos we just want to have some plain old fun and they come and snap pictures and everything :/ I hope that my face wasnt taken.

FGF was Awesome with a capital A :D There was a major crop up due to the rain, but it was still fun! :D I salute the people in Mission: Singapore who organized it for the people who want to have fun! :D

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