Tuesday, 1 January 2008

School school school

School is gonna start, yeah its being posted all over the blogs and stuff. Its gonna be another hectic academic year ahead, prepare yourselves.

The main modules have been released on eSpace. Looks kinda daunting.

BL2101- Human Reproductive System -cough-
BL2102- Energy and Energetics

CM2101- Basic Experimental Chemistry :D
CM2102- Basic Atomic Model

PC2101- Vibration and Waves
PC2102- Electricity and Magnetism

MA2108- Geometry o.O

For the humanities, I'm definitely gonna take History and Geography, though I'm not so sure on Lit, cos I find it quite hard. I understand what the passage is talking about, but I always misinterpret it at the cost of hefty amount of marks. This annoys me to no end. ):<

We will survive this coming year ahead!!! >:D

Homecoming ice-cream sounds delicious :D

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