Friday, 9 November 2007

Boo + Whoohoo

Boo, the Internet is freaking annoying. D: About a week ago during my exams the router(and the tv in the dining room) got zapped by lightning literally. And although Dad replaced the router it would just suddenly disconnect by itself, just cos it "overheat". Yeah right. And now every night we have to turn it off. Last time it was on like 24/7.

On the other hand, I'm going off to China tomorrow :D Its dimsum, dimsum and more dimsum :D And I'm gonna go to Ocean Park in Hong Kong and take a cable car, which I havent taken for a super long time already. My bro's got a Nintendo Wii there in place of the com, but I have the feel that all it has is a golf and tennis game in it. A PS2 is more worth it in my opinion.

And what have I been doing for the past 2days? Wow-ing over Gorillaz and Tomb Raider Legend. :P

I finished Tomb Raider Legend in 2days(without all the rewards :P) without needing to consult walkthroughs. Its kinda easy, and with less hellishly difficult timed contraptions, but the storyline is interesting all the same. Tomb Raider Anniversary killed me(and Lara) with the timed traps. After I get back from China I'm gonna slowly looks for all the extra stuff, but actually I doubt that Mom is willing to let me sit there for afew days at a time beating time trial and finding the rewards.

And I'm off, happy holiday to all you people in S'pore for the holidays.(And a happy early holiday to me :D)

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